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  • Jess Bock (Saturday, October 19 13 03:20 pm EDT)

    It was great meeting you today, Troy, at the Celebrate the Book Festival. I can't wait to share your books with my middle school library students! I'd love to try to set up an author's visit or Skype
    visit at some point in the future! Thanks again for your time!

  • Rex (Sunday, September 08 13 08:31 am EDT)

    Bought the two books at DragonCon, 30 Aug 13. The first one drew me in, taking a bit for the plot to develop, which was good.
    I believe that this is a very good book! Just started the second one.

  • Pierre (Saturday, July 06 13 07:00 am EDT)

    I hated this book!
    No, I kid. This is a one of a kind book!
    You should get a Google+ page because i don't use facebook.

  • Tina (Monday, May 27 13 04:03 pm EDT)

    I love the new website!


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