The Hounds of Set

"Two razor sharp claws pierced out of the darkness and clutched around the narrow, soft part of the hound's waist, dragging it back into the shadows.  A look of surprised fear washed over its face as its claws desperately tried to dig a foothold into the stone floor."




"Anubis stood facing the opening in the sand as if waiting for the onslaught, ready for battle. Each predator penetrated the opening, anxious for the kill. When the last of the hounds was free from the flowing sand, they circled their prey, pacing and foaming. Growling low, they tightened the perimeter. They surrounded the two, and at the first sign of an attack, Anubis simply and confidently raised his hand.


The air around them jumped, and the demons were gone."

Loki's Wrath

"As she approached, a long steel chain dropped from her side and unfurled a spiked mace at the end. She jerked it up above her head and began to whip it wildly about. After three turns of her weapon, she let it fly, sending it sailing through the nearest window, her stallion at full run."


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