"This was a great book! It was a book about a kid that gets bullied so much by a kid named Jackson. I also like how it transitions when he goes to Egypt. Background knowledge on the Egyptian gods kind of helped in this story. I like how the story gave a mystery throughout the book, on if he will ever get home. I would recommend this book to others because of the excitement, the great plot, and the way he is always referring to his textbooks and how they were wrong."


-- Fan Review


". . . I have never seen a book like this one. I felt like I was actually in Alex's head! And the fight scenes were awesome!

5 stars!"

-- Fan Review

"This is a pure joy to read. There's action, excitement, and alluring mystery right from the start. This is NOT a copy of anything I've ever come across...kudos for the pure originality. This has won the mom's choice award, so it's great for youngsters, but I'm a 36 year old cop and it's now in my top 5 books of all time. I had the pleasure of meeting the author at a Sci-Fi convention in Roanoke VA, and he was instantly likeable...and you'll find his style of writing to coincide with his character. His great perspective as a father of young boys lends and "all-too-real" feel of the book's main character. If you have teenage boys, you'll find the book very funny even though it's an action/adventure book. I particularly love the authors writing style...very descriptive and you find yourself smiling and speaking in different tones, accents, and character voices...a truly unique reading experience that involves all your senses. Can't wait for the next 4 in this series!!! :)"
-- Fan Review

"I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys adventure, fantasy, action and suspense. Once I started to read the book I couldn't put it down. Its starts with action at the beginning and it goes all the way to the end. There are five books in the series. There are at different places at different dates in history. Once I finished the book it made me wish I had the second book in my hand so I can read it."


-- Fan Review

"What a fantastic read!! I couldn't put it down and finished it in 3 days! It's action from the very first word. I was looking for the next great fantasy and this is it! Loved the writing and the characters jumped to life. My favorite scene is the Sphinx. I'm anxious to see what's next from this new author."
-- Fan Review

I read this book because my nephew told me "I had to's awesome". I really enjoyed it. It was full of action & adventure. What I really enjoyed was that the author took to time to develop the character and allow me to really get to know him. I also loved the development of the friendship between Alex & Anubis. As for the action - it is nonstop and the descriptions were so good, it felt like I was watching a movie. I hope there are more adventures for Alex, I will definitely read.


-- Fan Review


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